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“Push Pull Rotate DIY Promo”

Brinks Home Security Push Pull Rotate features on the DIY network's "I Want That".

“Brinks Home Security” and “The Global Learning Series”

"Understanding Home Design" from "The Global Learning Series" and Brinks Home Security.... Hampton Products International which has produced security hardware for more than 25 years, is building a better door knob for the modern homeowner... Introducing Brink’s Home Security Push Pull Rotate door locks, the first knobs and levers that open three ways. Designed to improve the way homeowners open doors, Push Pull Rotate products enable doors to be opened traditionally by turning or rotating them, and in two completely new ways: Gently pushing or pulling on the knob or lever releases the door latch. Push Pull Rotate door locks make opening doors easier whether your hands are full or free. A quick bump with an elbow or hip, or a tug with a single finger can open interior or exterior doors more easily, and without setting down groceries, babies, or mobile phones. Although the Push Pull Rotate locks are easier to use, they still stay closed and locked when the user wants them to be, exactly as a “traditional” lock does. Push Pull Rotate handles provide a new door-opening solution and are ADA-compliant.

Push Pull Rotate Products Win with the Handyman Club

The Handyman Club of America has selected our Push Pull Rotate Products as an Innovation Award Winner for 2013! Their HANDY Magazine showcases the best and brightest new products of the year and we're extremely proud to be recognized for our inventive technology. You can view the entire awards "ceremony" below to see all of the great new products and if you can't wait, the Push Pull Rotate presentation is approximately three and a half minutes into the show. A big thank you to the Handyman Club of America!

The Innovation Insider with Brink's Push Pull Rotate

We're honored to be recognized by Steve Greenberg, The Innovation Insider, and author of Gadget Nation: A Journey Through The Eccentric World of Invention. Steve demonstrated one of our Push Pull Rotate products on a recent segment of his show. He's a lifetime "invention groupie" and a leading expert in innovative products. Steve was very impressed with one of our new Push Pull Rotate levers and we're thrilled to be a part of his "Gadget Nation". You can view his video below and visit Gadget Nation on the web by clicking here. Thanks again Steve!

See Our Innovative Door Locks at the International Builders' Show!

Visit Brink's Home Security in booth S1263 (South Hall) from February 4–6 and see the easiest way to open a door! The revolutionary, new Push Pull Rotate Door Locks from Brink’s Home Security makes opening any door as easy as pushing or pulling on the knob or lever. With an elbow, hip or even a finger, homeowners can push or pull open their door locks without having to set down their groceries, toddlers or mobile phones. Click here for more information on the International Builders' Show

Making a Big Impression with Push Pull Rotate Technology

Our new Push Pull Rotate technology is being featured all across the Web with news articles and columns on many different sites. Click the links below to read what others are saying about the new knobs and levers from Brink's Home Security: