Brink's Home Security PUSH PULLROTATEKnobs and Levers are the easiest, most comfortable way to open a door. With just one finger, an elbow, or your hip, you can simply push or pull your way through a door. Great if you have your hands full or free!

The easiest, most comfortable way to open a door.

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Loaded down with laundry?...use your hip. Coming in from the backyard BBQ with a tray of food?...just pull with your finger. Dirty hands from working outside?...just push with your elbow. Or maybe you just want an easier way to open a door! PUSH PULLROTATE from Brinks Home Security is the perfect solution.

PPR Knob

Exterior Locking Knob in Satin Nickel Finish

Innovative, new PUSH PULLROTATEdoor locks are the ideal way to get through a door – whether your hands are full or free. Click for more features!

PUSH PULLROTATElocks also feature classic architectural styling with no visible screws and larger roses to cover blemishes left on the door by an old lock. Click to see all of the styles!