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“Innovative Push Pull Rotate® door locks"
“The First Door Locks That Open Three Ways"

Brink's Push Pull Rotate door locks, the first door locks to open three ways. Introduced to construction professionals at the International Builders Show in 2014, Push Pull Rotate earned “Best in Show” and “Best of Indoor Living” awards from NAHB show organizers. It was selected as the Parade of Products People's Choice Award Winner at the 2014 PCBC show in San Francisco, and earned a Handy Innovation Award for top innovation of the year, from Handy Magazine and the Handyman Club of America.

Designed to improve the way people open doors, Push Pull Rotate locksets can be opened traditionally by turning or rotating them, and in two completely new ways: Simply pushing or pulling on the knob or lever releases the latch.

Push Pull Rotate door locks make opening doors easier whether your hands are full or free. A tug with a single finger, or a quick bump with an elbow or hip, can open interior or exterior doors more easily, and without setting down groceries, children, or mobile phones. Although Push Pull Rotate locks are easier to use, they still stay closed and locked when the user wants them to be, exactly as a “traditional” lock does. Also, Push Pull Rotate levers are ADA-compliant.

There are many styles and finishes to choose from to match any décor. In all, more than 100 combinations of keyed entry lock sets and handlesets for front doors, privacy locks for bedrooms and bathrooms, passage locks for laundry rooms, pantries, kid’s rooms and closets, and inactive knobs and levers for closets and French doors are available. Brinks Push Pull Rotate offers a complete line that will please anyone.

In addition to a wide range of architectural styling, the products meet rigorous ANSI Grade 2 testing standards. Featuring durable, all-metal construction, Push Pull Rotate products are built on a cylindrical chassis normally used in commercial applications so they are exceptionally durable and come with a limited lifetime warranty. They are easily installed with a Phillips screwdriver. The keyed products are pick-resistant, bump-resistant, drill-resistant, and the deadbolts are also equipped with an anti-pry shield and steel anti-drill plate to provide the highest level of security that consumers expect from Brink's.

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